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Marine GIS, Optics and Conservation





Dale A. Kiefer
Dale Kiefer

Ph.D. Principal Investigator. Professor

Vardis M. Tsontos
Vardis Tsontos

Ph.D. Associate Researcher

Gerardo Toro-Farmer
Gerardo Farmer

Graduate student, Ocean Sciences

Chi H. Lam (Tim)
Tim Lam

Graduate student, MEB

Our Team  

Kiefer Lab

I am Dale Kiefer, welcome to my lab and here, you can learn about my team. I am an environmental microbiologist who wishes to understand the population dynamics of microbial populations in the sea. I particularly desire to understand material and energy flow within planktonic populations of phytoplankton, microzooplankton, and bacteria. The studies that have been conducted in my laboratory and in the field include both experimental and theoretical work. The experimental work draws upon the techniques that have been developed in the disciplines of microbial physiology and ecology, oceanic optics, and remote sensing. The theoretical work consists of developing mathematical models of population dynamics that are tested by comparing predictions with field oceanographic measurements.

Working in the Kiefer's Lab is about diversity - we have people from four continents, and we surely enjoy the intellectual exchange among us. Vardis obtained his doctorate in fisheries science from Imperial College, the University of London, is SSA's database expert and spatial statistician. His research interests include the characteristics, dynamics, and modeling of spatial-temporal patterns in ecological systems. Gerardo and Tim are my current graduate students in their 4th and 3rd year respectively. Gerardo has done extensively work in coral reef ecology in Columbia and is interested in combinating remote sensing techniques with in-situ optical measurements for coastal monitoring. As for Tim or Chi Lam, originating from Hong Kong, has graduated from Northwestern University, IL, is fascinated by tracking pelagic species with tagging technology and is utilizing geographical information systems to improve position estimates of pelagic fishes. We are very interested in collaborations - anywhere on the planet, so please feel free to contact us for any potential projects.


Environmental Analysis System (EASy) - a marine GIS for oceanographic applications




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